Kenny Williams: New role helped White Sox sign Jose Abreu

Kenny Williams: New role helped White Sox sign Jose Abreu
March 28, 2014, 11:30 am
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The White Sox were able to ink Jose Abreu to a $68 million contract in the offseason, and Kenny Williams believes it came together because he's getting enough sleep.

Williams, entering his third season as the White Sox executive vice president, told CSN's Jen Lada that he generally would only get about three or three and a half hours of sleep each night while he was the team's general manager, a post he held from 2000-2012. The unhealthiness of that lifestyle meant Williams would be burned out at the end of a season -- so burned out he couldn't, for example, get on a plane and see a prize free agent work out.

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"As a result, I don't believe that (White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf) is going to invest on the larger acquisitions," Williams said, referring to Abreu. "It's just been throughout the years that he wants me to lay my eyes on a guy, particularly if he's going to ante up to that degree. So I don't think we make that happen."

Williams said he's sleeping about seven hours a night as he's removed himself from the day-to-day grind of being a general manager. So if Abreu has a monster debut, you can probably thank the restructuring of the White Sox front office for making it happen on the South Side.