Konerko remains undecided on future

Konerko remains undecided on future
September 27, 2013, 3:45 pm
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CSN Staff

Paul Konerko hasn't decided on his next step yet, and won't for at least a month.

The White Sox first baseman told reporters on Friday that his plan all along has been to take some time off in October, and make a decision whether to retire or play again in 2014 then. His plan is to take a month to decompress and think about it, and said if he does decide to return his "season" -- training for 2014 -- will begin around Nov. 10.

"Taking a month off, a month away from this, which I know if I do that -- the more you don't play, the needle will always move toward wanting to play," Konerko said. " ... But I just gotta make sure I know what's real and what isn't."

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Konerko said there are plenty of factors in play for him, such as whether he can do the grind again, whether he'd be wanted by a team (either in Chicago or elsewhere). While he hasn't figured anything out yet, he does know one thing:

"If I do play next year," Konerko said, "that'll probably be it."