Mother knows best in Abreu's burgeoning baseball life

Mother knows best in Abreu's burgeoning baseball life
April 9, 2014, 1:30 pm
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DENVER -- He’s not sure just when his mother will arrive in the United States, but Jose Abreu already has big plans for when she does.

The White Sox slugger, whose family is in transit from Cuba, said Wednesday he’s going to create a baseball shrine for his mother in one of the rooms of a house he plans to purchase for them.

Abreu’s mother, Daisys Correa, has been at the heart of many discussions the first baseman has had with reporters.

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Whether it was her suggesting he wear No. 79 because it’s a number people wouldn’t forget, her encouragement of fulfilling his dream of playing Major League Baseball or the daily advice she offers, Abreu’s mother has played a significant role in his career. He credited her advice Tuesday morning to playing a role in that night’s performance when he smacked two home runs, including the first of his career.

“It is a beautiful relationship,” Abreu said through White Sox manager of cultural development, Lino Diaz. “I do have a beautiful relationship with my dad as well. Sometimes he does get jealous. But mom is only one in the world and it’s just the part where I can always talk to her and tell her how I feel whether it’s good or bad. She’s always there for me. That’s the part that really makes it special for me.”

For the record, dad’s name is Jose Oriol Abreu.

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Abreu makes it sound like he’s a pretty good guy, too. But Abreu talks to his mother on the phone every day. On Wednesday she congratulated him on his performance and he thanked her for her advice.

What’s the best guidance mom offered him before he left for the United States late last season?

“She tells me the same thing all the time: be a better person,” Abreu said. “If you’re a good person every day, things are going to happen for you.”

Abreu’s mother and father are no longer in Cuba. They’re on their way here but their arrival date hasn’t been established. Abreu said he looks forward to the day when he is reunited with his parents once again. But he also said he might have to be there just so his the shock of a room full of gifts, including lineup cards, bats and balls, from the World Baseball Classic and this season, aren’t overwhelming.

“The day she is here will be an unbelievable day and one we will share together,” Abreu said. “But I want to make sure I’m there when she sees it because I don’t want her to have a heart attack or something when she sees all that inside a new home.”