Ozzie Guillen confident in White Sox, Rick Hahn

Ozzie Guillen confident in White Sox, Rick Hahn

September 3, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Mark Strotman

Count former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen as one person who believes the city of Chicago can turn its baseball around.

Joining SportsTalk Live to promote the Larry A. Pogofsky Chicago All-Star Softball Challange -- taking place Saturday to benefit White Sox and Cubs charities and Special Kids Network -- Guillen said both the Cubs and White Sox are in good position to move along in their respective rebuilding projects.

"The White Sox, unfortunately, aren't playing the way everybody, including myself, thought they were gonna play," Guillen told David Kaplan. "I thought they'd be playing in the pennant race. I think [general manger] Rick [Hahn] has a great plan, he's know what he wants to do, and it's just been a bad year for Chicago baseball. Hopefully the football team plays a little bit better than that."

Guillen expounded on why he believes Hahn, who traded for Leury Garcia and Avisail Garcia at the trade deadline, has a plan that will make the White Sox contenders. His experience in the minors also will pay dividends in searching for talent and understanding when that talent is ready for the Majors.

"Rick is a very smart man, and Rick has watched all the minor league systems through a lot of years, being the assistant GM. When you are the GM, you can't do much. You gotta watch the big-league club. But I think with Rick, with all the connections he has, I think he gets along with a lot of people and I think Rick, when he took the job, it was for a reason."

And though it's been a rough year for manager Robin Ventura is in a no-win situation, but just because the White Sox are losing this year doesn't make him any worse of a coach than he was last year when Chicago won 85 games.

That's something he knows from experience.

"People in Chicago love me now, and I say, 'You love me now, but when I was managing I didn't even want to come out of my house,'" he joked.

You can catch Guillen's entire interview in the video above.