Paul Konerko still plagued by back issues

Paul Konerko still plagued by back issues
May 30, 2014, 8:30 pm
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Paul Konerko’s back was almost good enough to go Friday but the veteran said he probably could use one more day off.

Konerko had an idea his back wouldn’t react well Wednesday after the White Sox designated hitter played in all of a game that lasted nearly six hours because of rain delays on Tuesday. He was out of the lineup on Wednesday and even with the day off Thursday is still sore.

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“You just give it everything you’ve got and then sometimes that price gets paid the next day, especially when you’re cranking it up at 11 o’clock at the top of the fourth,” Konerko said. “That happens and DH’ing along with that, you’re going to take some swings, more swings than you probably want to. Like I said, that one, hopefully there’s not too many of those left for me. I’d rather just get the game going at 7 and go.

"Your body can kind of withstand a little bit less every year you play and I’m not sure what happened the other night — it’s not that I can’t get through that game, it’s the next day you wake up and you’re like, I didn’t even want to go to bed that night because I knew what was waiting on the other end when I got up.”

Konerko said his back soreness isn’t nearly as bad as it was last season when he went on the disabled list for only the third time in his career. He didn’t believe he’ll be sidelined for much longer.

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Marcus Semien started in Konerko’s place as the team’s DH for a second straight game.

“I have to deal with this a lot,” Konerko said. “Sometimes, at this point where, like the other night you have some games that you’re kind of at the mercy of. Sometimes you can just kind of catch up to you a little bit. It’s something that it’s nowhere near where it was, was it last May or June or whenever, where I was just having trouble standing up straight for days on end. That’s a whole different. I think it’s probably related to that as far as the same area and all that, but it’s nothing like it was then.”