Reinsdorf's situation 'scared the (crap)' out of Thomas

Reinsdorf's situation 'scared the (crap)' out of Thomas
July 26, 2014, 4:15 pm
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COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. -- He’s up and said to be fine as of Saturday afternoon but there were conflicting details on how serious Jerry Reinsdorf’s condition was on Friday night.

Hall of Fame inductee Frank Thomas said Saturday he thought the worst when he saw Reinsdorf experience what the White Sox described as “an episode of lightheadedness” on Friday that landed the chairman in the hospital overnight.

Thomas’ mood was considerably better on Saturday after Reinsdorf, who has been released from the hospital, joked with him about asking his doctor if he could smoke cigars this weekend.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Thomas said. “That scared the (crap) out of me. He was down for a long time and it didn’t look good. He was white as a ghost on the floor and the first thing you’re thinking is ‘Oh my God, he’s gone.’ To see him taken away in an ambulance, pumping his chest, we thought it was serious. Last night was very stressful.”

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The White Sox said in a statement issued late Friday that Reinsdorf was taken to Bassett Medical Center where he was resting comfortably. They reported him to be coherent and communicating with the doctors and medical staff. As expected, Reinsdorf, 78, was released from the hospital Saturday morning.

“He’s fine now,” Thomas said. “It was just like crazy."

“You just can’t take life for granted, so we’re going to enjoy the rest of this weekend.”