Sox Drawer: Jerry Reinsdorf Interview

Sox Drawer: Jerry Reinsdorf Interview
January 13, 2010, 1:51 am
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Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010
7:35 PM

Tuesday morning at White Sox Fantasy Camp, we had a special visitor: Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

He joined all the campers and coaches in the clubhouse for a one hour question-answer session. No topics were off limits. Reinsdorf spoke openly and candidly about the team, he told stories and displayed his very underrated sense of humor.

His most eye-opening comment?

"The Sox could have one of the best starting staffs in the history of the American League."

Quite a statement.

Later, I sat down with Mr. Reinsdorf for a wide-ranging interview hitting on a number of topics.

Among the highlights:

Not counting the one-year deal with Ramon Castro (signed Tuesday), are the Sox done making moves? Is there money left to be spent?

"If we have the opportunity to get really better, the money will be there," Reinsdorf said. "I wouldn't hesitate to take the chance if something really good comes along."

Jim Thome?

"I would love to have Jim Thome back on this club, but I don't make the roster. Kenny and Ozzie do. Ozzie has made it very clear that he likes the team the way it is. He doesn't want to have a full-time DH. If you're going to hold a man accountable for him to do his job, you got to get him the team that he wants."

The Sox relationship with Scott Boras?

"We have no problem with a player who is represented by Scott Boras. The problem we have is that most of the time Boras makes it impossible to do business with him because he likes to drag things out. You can't wait indefinitely to make a deal, and that is why you don't see us working with too many Boras clients."

Reinsdorf also said that he's "really surprised" that Jermaine Dye is not signed yet. "He's still a front line player. He'll hook on someplace."

Just not the White Sox.

A segment of my interview is here in the Sox Drawer. We'll have Reinsdorf's comments on the Bulls and Vinny Del Negro on SportsNite and on Wednesday.

Coming Thursday?

Paul Konerko made a guest appearance at Fantasy Camp, and he gives me a private hitting lesson. It's both educational and comical.

Mostly comical.