Uni Watch: White Sox classic look rates in the middle

Uni Watch: White Sox classic look rates in the middle
August 30, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Vinnie Duber

It doesn't get more classic than the uniforms the White Sox don nearly every day.

An old-school logo, a standard road script and a color scheme that would look the same in every picture taken since the late-1800s.

But classic doesn't always mean great, at least not for Paul Lukas at ESPN.com. In his recent rankings of the uniforms of every team throughout the big four professional sports leagues, he placed the White Sox at No. 15 in his MLB rankings, No. 45 overall. There isn't much attention paid to the current set in Lukas' comments on the South Siders -- he simply calls them "classic" -- instead the connoisseur of all things uniform-related decides to focus on the strange history of White Sox uniforms, calling the multitude of different on-field apparel during the 70s and 80s "wacky."

And at times it's been hard to say that wacky wasn't an apt descriptor. Take a look at some of the more radical decisions made when it came to White Sox uniforms of old.

One word: shorts.

The White Sox modeled these red throwbacks from the early 70s last season.

This year, they're honoring the mid-80s look.

Here's how they look these days. Classic.

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Do you agree with Uni Watch's assessment? Would you rate the White Sox all the way down at No. 15? If not, where would you rank them? Let us know in the comment section below.