Unrest in Venezuela has Avisail Garcia concerned for family

Unrest in Venezuela has Avisail Garcia concerned for family
February 22, 2014, 3:45 pm
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GLENDALE, Ariz. — Avisail Garcia is working hard in camp even when he’s not expected to. But the young White Sox outfielder can’t help but think about the unrest back home in Venezuela.

Garcia returned to a day earlier than expected Saturday after he sat out with an ingrown toenail. He hit with his teammates and performed other activities but was restricted from running.

Garcia, who is here with his wife and infant daughter, is happy to be on the field and focused on the upcoming season. But he also is worried about the rest of his family after a 10th day of civil unrest in Venezuela led to more death.

As of Saturday, eight people have died and 137 have been injured in demonstrations both for and against the Venezuelan government, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“It’s tough because you hear about the fighting,” Garcia said. “They don’t want the government. Hopefully no more people die. Hopefully Venezuela gets better and safer. All my family is there. I just got here, my wife and my little daughter are here, but my mom, my dad, my sister, all of us in Venezuela. Hopefully everything gets better.”

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Garcia said his family isn’t in immediate danger as they reside roughly 240 miles away from Caracas, where much of the turmoil has taken place. But like many of his countrymen in and around Major League Baseball, Garcia is concerned about Venezuela’s future.

“They’re far away from that,” Garcia said. “But I worry about my country because a lot of people die. So that’s not good. So let’s see what happens. Hopefully everything gets better.”