Ventura: Relievers thinking too much about performance

Ventura: Relievers thinking too much about performance
August 19, 2014, 8:30 pm
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After another rough game from the bullpen, Matt Lindstrom couldn’t help but think White Sox relievers need to throw inside more often.

Lindstrom said he planned to speak with members of the relief corps before Tuesday’s game about attacking opposing hitters inside more often. While it’s a good thought, White Sox manager Robin Ventura sees it more as his players overanalyzing their issues because they’re struggling.

That’s something members of the bullpen have often found themselves doing this season as they continued to struggle, rarely able to go more than a few games in a row without a blowup.

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White Sox relievers entered Tuesday’s game with a 4.52 ERA in 368 2/3 innings this season and blown saves in 18 of 45 chances.

“Like hitting you get one hit one day then you don’t get hits the next three days it’s the same,” Ventura said. “It’s an unforgiving position. The bullpen is a glaring position. You come in, you get everybody out, it’s great and if you don’t it’s sitting there for everyone else to see. It’s always going to be that kind of position. When it goes well it’s great, when it doesn’t it doesn’t make you feel good.”