Ventura: White Sox consider Jose Abreu a leader

Ventura: White Sox consider Jose Abreu a leader
June 19, 2014, 9:00 pm
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Jose Abreu might not be a Paul Konerko-type leader just yet, but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t captured the attention of his teammates.

A day after Abreu said he isn’t a leader, White Sox manager Robin Ventura said to the contrary the Cuban slugger has displayed strong leadership qualities over a historical first 2 1/ 2 months. Abreu became the third fastest player in major league history to hit 20 home runs in his career on Wednesday. While Abreu isn’t a team captain-type leader yet, Ventura said the team’s offense has shown that it goes when their cleanup man does.

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Being able to do the things he does, that becomes natural that guys count on him,” Abreu said. “And as a team you count on him to do a lot of different things and the other stuff besides just the playing and the numbers and things like that come later. For right now he is a leader as far as how impactful he is in our lineup. The other stuff comes with it, probably him speaking English and guys learning Spanish. It’ll eventually get there.”