Vote for Jen Lada in the Bullpen Bracket Challenge

Vote for Jen Lada in the Bullpen Bracket Challenge
May 22, 2014, 5:15 pm
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CSN Staff

Think Jen Lada has what it takes to win the White Sox Bullpen Bracket Challenge? You can help her out by voting on social media beginning Sunday and going through Tuesday.

Along with seven other White Sox media personalities, our own Lada will face off in a competition of first-pitch skills. You can see her first pitch beginning Sun., May 25 (when voting begins), and her first opponent she'll square off against is ESPN Deportes 97.5's Billy Russo.

Last week Lada spoke with Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long, a former pitcher who was actually drafted by the White Sox in 2008, about any tips he had to share on how to throw the best first pitch.

"Well the first thing is, a lot of people get into panic mode when they're out there. I've never been out there but I've seen a few first pitches be done and you want to make sure that you get it to the plate because you'll get booed horribly if you don't get it to the plate," Long said. "Even if you throw it over the catcher's head to the backstop, people want to see some arm strength and they want to see some enthusiasm."

Check out the rest of Long's tips in the video.

You can support Lada on her official Facebook page or Twitter account. Make sure to vote early and often as she looks to advance as far as possible in the contest.