What everyone is saying about Jose Abreu

What everyone is saying about Jose Abreu
May 1, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Tune in to Comcast SportsNet tonight at 7 p.m. for "Abreu's April," a two-and-a-half hour special look back at Jose Abreu's record-setting first month with the White Sox.

He may have only been in the majors for a month, but Jose Abreu hasn’t taken long to impress his opponents. Earlier this week, Abreu split American League player of the week honors with Seattle’s Kyle Seager after he lifted the White Sox to a comeback win last Friday with two home runs, including a game-winning grand slam.

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Here’s what some opposing managers and players have said in April about the White Sox slugger, who established rookie records for home runs (10) and RBIs (32) in April:

— “I'm glad I won't see him for a while. The kid can really hit. We knew that coming in. We heard he was a really strong young man, and that's why we were pitching around him. No disrespect to Mr. Dunn. The way the guy's getting the barrel to the ball, you just try to limit the damage when he comes up in a lot of situations because he seems like he's on. He hits pretty much everything. Even when he makes an out, he seems like he gets the barrel to it. He's a strong young man. Looks like he really knows what he's doing hitting.” (Ron Gardenhire, Minnesota Twins manager)

— “There’s always these prodigy kind of players out there, that when they show up, it’s a combination of great work ethic and calm and ability to go out there and perform. That’s what I see with him. I’ve heard about his work ethic. He’s extremely calm. Coming where he came from and what he’s probably seen before he got here, this is, you know, 30,000 people is not going to bother him. Plus, he probably doesn’t understand them anyway. So, it all works in his favor. Plus he’s really talented. He’s really talented.”  (Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays manager)

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— “Yeah, there's not a lot of people who are going to reach those bushes in center field [at Comerica Park in Detroit]. He did it twice in a series. So he's obviously a strong human.” (Brad Ausmus, Detroit Tigers manager)

— “That was unbelievable. Two days in a row? I think one guy in the lineup can change everything. I'm not saying as far as him hitting 50 home runs or anything, but him who he is. And they're probably comfortable with him.” (Torii Hunter, Detroit Tigers outfielder)