White Sox: Dunn predicts Oscars for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

White Sox: Dunn predicts Oscars for 'Dallas Buyers Club'
March 2, 2014, 1:00 pm
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SURPRISE, Ariz. — He won’t win any hardware, but Adam Dunn predicts his “Dallas Buyers Club” co-stars will take home at least two Oscars on Sunday night.

Dunn likes to joke he’ll be snubbed for his cameo, but the White Sox slugger feels much more optimistic about the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor award chances for Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

Dunn played a role as bartender Neddie Jay in the 1980s-AIDS drama and was on location for most of the 28-day shoot. Between the transformation Leto underwent as a transgender character and the 38 pounds McConaughey lost over four months for his role, Dunn thinks the final results in those categories at the 86th Academy Awards are a cinch. He’s not as certain about the award for Best Picture, one of six categories Dallas Buyers is nominated in this year.

“Best picture is the tough one,” said Dunn, who will attend the awards and return to the team on Tuesday. “Best actor and supporting actor is a lock. Both of them. For them to be in character 28 straight days, as far Jared going to the women’s rest room kind of stuff. I mean, he’s a woman for 28 days. It blows my mind that guys can stay that dedicated. They’re getting rewarded for it.”

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Dunn not only shared a pair of scenes with McConaughey, but also is an investor in Truth Entertainment, the production company run by his friend that backed the film. Both general manager Rick Hahn and manager Robin Ventura have been supportive of Dunn, insisting he attend Sunday’s awards because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance and won’t interfere with his preparation for the regular season.

Ventura thinks White Sox personnel will be more invested in the show in hopes of spotting Dunn.

But there’s one caveat, Ventura said.

“He has to go up if he wins, that’s part of the rules of going,” Ventura said. “Everybody’s happy for him to go and do something fun like that.”

While there’s no such award for cameo appearances, Dunn is certain he wouldn’t win that one were he nominated.

“I’ll say it again, I’m getting snubbed,” Dunn said. “I get snubbed for pretty much everything. Add it to the list.”