White Sox MLB Draft Tracker: Day 3

White Sox MLB Draft Tracker: Day 3
June 7, 2014, 4:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Here's a rundown of the players the White Sox selected on Day 3 of the MLB Draft. Check out what the team did on Day 2, and learn more about Day 1 picks Carlos Rodon and Spencer Adams.

Round 11, No. 318: Zachary Fish, OF, Oklahoma State University

Round 12, No. 348: Connor Walsh, RHP, University of Cincinnati

Round 13, No. 378: Mike Gomez, LHP, Florida International University

Round 14, No. 408: Bryce Montes de Oca, RHP, Lawrence High School (Lawrence, Kan.)

Round 15, No. 438: Ben Brewster, LHP, University of Maryland

Round 16, No. 468: Matt Cooper, RHP, University of Hawaii

Round 17, No. 498: William Trexler, RHP, University of North Florida

Round 18, No. 528: Tanner Banks, LHP, University of Utah

Round 19, No. 558: Aaron Bummer, LHP, University of Nebraska

Round 20, No. 588: Brannon Easterling, RHP, St. Edwards University

Round 21, No. 618: Ryan Leonards, 3B, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Round 22, No. 648: Kevin Swick, 3B, University of Southern California

Round 23, No. 678: Michael Hollenbeck, C, Illinois State University

Round 24, No. 708: Michael Suiter, CF, University of Kansas

Round 25, No. 738: Mason Robbins, RF, University of Southern Mississippi

Round 26, No. 768: Ethan Gross, SS, University of Memphis

Round 27, No. 798: Ryan Jones, 1B, Arizona Christian University

Round 28, No. 828: Blair Moore, 3B, California Baptist University

Round 29, No. 858: Evin Einhardt, RHP, Brewton Parker College (Ga.)

Round 30, No. 888: Marc Flores, 1B, University of Hawaii

Round 31, No. 918: Josh Goossen-Brown, RHP, University of San Diego

Round 32, No. 948: Adam Choplick, LHP, University of Oklahoma

Round 33, No. 978: Louis Silverio, OF, Florida International University

Round 34, No. 1008: Michael Danner, LF, University of Tampa (Fla.)

Round 35, No. 1038: Jared Koenig, LHP, Central Arizona College

Round 36, No. 1068: Dayne Wagoner, C, Great Oak High School (Calif.)

Round 37, No. 1098: Jed Sprague, 1B, St. Mary's High School (Calif.)

Round 38, No. 1128: Anthony Justiniano, SS, Clemente High School (Ill.)

Round 39, No. 1158: James Davison, CF, Morgan Park High School (Ill.)

Round 40, No. 1188: Julien Service, RF, Howard College (Texas)