White Sox: More bullpen sessions for John Danks

White Sox: More bullpen sessions for John Danks
May 27, 2014, 8:15 pm
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John Danks was back in the bullpen on Tuesday afternoon and has plans for a Wednesday session too.

After he delivered his best start of the season for the White Sox on Saturday, Danks wants to continue to fine tune his mechanics with pitching coach Don Cooper, hence the extra work. Danks has to cut back his workload a tad after three sessions last week, but he likes what he accomplished and wants to replicate the effort.

Danks needed only 104 pitches to complete eight shutout innings against the Yankees in Saturday’s start.

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“Last start out was the first time we really focused on mechanics and it went well,” Sale said. “So we’re just going to continue to hammer that until it becomes second nature.”

Danks said Cooper has worked with him on his body weight during the delivery and where he needs to keep his head. He could feel a difference in all of his pitches on Saturday and the evidence was visible too. New York hitters rarely made solid contact against Danks, who is 3-4 with a 4.90 ERA in 10 starts.

“It keeps me from falling off, helps me stay behind my pitches and in turn makes me more consistent,” Danks said. “We noticed I was getting on my heels a little bit and that caused me to fall off the mound worse than I ever had and because of that I wasn’t throwing nearly enough strikes, or good strikes.”