Robinson discusses Bulls' (lack of) rookie hazing


Robinson discusses Bulls' (lack of) rookie hazing

CLEVELANDBulls rookie Marquis Teague must feel lucky that he wasnt drafted by Cleveland. Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott is forcing his teams rookiesstarter Dion Waiters, reserve big man Tyler Zeller and recent D-League call-up Kevin Jonesto tote around baby dolls in carriages, a step up from the trend of pink backpacks.

Backup point guard Nate Robinson talked about his own experiences as an NBA rookie before the game, as well as the Bulls treatment of youngsters, with Teague quietly listening alongside him.

I didnt have to do the baby stuff. We make our rook do some stuff, like bring soap and make sure guys have deodorant, and washing stuff, stuff like that. He doesnt have to wear any pink backpack because at the end of the day, hes a grown man like everybody else. Theres just some things that some rookies have to do. Theyve got to pay home, not just to us, but all the players that played in the league before us, he said. Our rookie does a great job. We ask him to do something, he does it. He doesnt rebel. Its not like, Oh, no. you go do it. Then, thats when the pink backpacks and stuff like that come in, when they rebel on stuff we ask them to do.

I had to do a lot. I had a lot of vets that were big on the rookie hazing, but guys here are pretty laid back with it and just ask him to do light stuff. But I had to do a lot of stuff, Robinson recounted. The worst thing I probably I had to dobecause me, I was a clown, so I didnt really mind all the funny stuff we had to dobut I think one of the things I didnt like was one day at a practice, a couple times at practice and shootaround, the guys would kick the ball all the way up to the top of the stadium and we had to go get the balls. That sucked.

TSN coaches poll: Wild favored to win West over Blackhawks

TSN coaches poll: Wild favored to win West over Blackhawks

The Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups since 2010, and have eliminated the Minnesota Wild from the playoffs three times from 2013-15.

But it's the Wild that NHL coaches believe will win the Western Conference this season as we approach the trade deadline.

In his annual midseason poll, TSN's Bob McKenzie surveyed 25 of 30 coaches to vote on multiple categories, such as the league's best player and the team most likely to win it all.

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According to the survey, 11 coaches predicted the Wild will win the West while the Blackhawks and Sharks tied for second with four votes.

As for winning the Stanley Cup, the Washington Capitals are the favorite, earning 10 votes, followed closely by the reigning champion Pittsburgh Penguins with eight. The Wild and Blackhawks rounded out the poll with three and two votes, respectively.

Joel Quenneville earned one vote as the NHL's best coach, which is three fewer votes than he had last year, despite this year being arguably his most challenging — and best — coaching job since arriving in Chicago, given the youth on the roster.

SportsTalk Live Podcast: Excluding Jimmy Butler, who should Bulls trade?


SportsTalk Live Podcast: Excluding Jimmy Butler, who should Bulls trade?

David Haugh (Chicago Tribune) and Phil Rogers ( join Kap on the panel. Super Bowl LI is set. Can Bill Belichick slow down the Falcons historic offense? Will Tom Brady be able to pick apart Atlanta’s D?

Plus besides Jimmy Butler, who should the Bulls trade? And after winning in Columbus, is this the year Northwestern goes dancing?

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