Cutler looking to start 'planning' to help new offense

Cutler looking to start 'planning' to help new offense
August 13, 2013, 5:30 pm
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BOURBONNAIS — Tim Jennings provided a highlight — or lowlight, depending on which side of the ball you’re on — in Tuesday’s final full practice by picking off a Jay Cutler red-zone pass, believed to be his first of training camp, and returning it the length of the field for a touchdown. The Pro Bowl cornerback then bowed appreciatively in a couple directions to acknowledge the crowd’s ovation.

It was not necessarily a failure for an offense that was working on its business without specific regard to the defense at the moment.

“We're just trying to get plays in,” Cutler said. “We're just trying to rep plays and see what they look like. We're not really worried about the defense that we're going against or trying to pair up a certain play with the defense. There are some plays out there that we're running that normally you wouldn't want to run against that coverage, or that defense, or that front.”

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All that should change somewhat on Thursday against the San Diego Chargers.

The Bears and Cutler did change multiple plays last Friday against Carolina, and they did script the first 15 plays even though Cutler was out after 10. This week the offense will be doing more planning and hopefully getting out of plays that have a negative result like the Jennings interception.

“I hope so,” Cutler said. “We're going to get some game planning (Tuesday) afternoon, but still it's the preseason and we're still figuring out exactly what plays we like and what we're good at so we're not going to be game planning like your regular week.

“We'll do a little bit tonight, some tomorrow, then we'll strap it up and play and hopefully some of that stuff pairs up nicely for us.”