Favre doesn't make PFT's Green Bay 'Mt. Rushmore'

Favre doesn't make PFT's Green Bay 'Mt. Rushmore'
June 12, 2013, 5:00 pm
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If a franchise legend subsequently declares himself an ally of one of your sworn enemies, should that knock you off a theoretical “Mt. Rushmore” of the four greats of your franchise?

According to NBC Sports cousins Mike Florio and Ross Tucker, unveiling the “Faces of the Franchise” for the Green Bay Packers as part of a series for Mike’s “Pro Football Talk,” you’re out, Brett Favre.

Mike stepped out with Vince Lombardi (the easy one), Curly Lambeau (when the stadium is named for you, it’s for a reason), Don Hutson (“He was Jerry Rice before there was a Jerry Rice,” Mike says) and Bart Starr (not Favre, thank you very much).

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Favre may be one of the best-known faces of the Green Bay franchise. But his petulant departure and efforts to get with the Minnesota Vikings took him one notch below the elite foursome.

Starr was the starting quarterback of the Packers’ first two NFL-AFL World Championships (they weren’t “Super Bowls” until Joe Namath’s in year III). He won a total of five championships (to Favre’s two, if you include an NFC crown in addition to the Super Bowl).

More important, “He was a loyal Packer,” Mike said, “not like a certain player who wore No. 4.”

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Ross, himself a former NFL player, saw it precisely the same way. “As far as I know, Benedict Arnold is not on the real Mt. Rushmore,” he said.

Fans did vote for Favre in addition to Reggie White, who were the two players who set the franchise on its ascendancy through the 1990s and beyond. But wanting to be a Viking? Bad form.