Hernandez didn't realize what he had

Hernandez didn't realize what he had
June 27, 2013, 12:00 am
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For those following the police investigation of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, there was little surprise that he was arrested Wednesday morning. What is interesting, however, is how quickly the New England Patriots released him. Typically teams what to see how legal proceedings play out before making a decision.

Wednesday morning, New England cut Hernandez less than an hour after his arrest, followed by a statement from the team as well as the NFL. It stands to reason the team and league have an idea what is coming in the charges, including an ongoing situation in which he allegedly shot a friend in Miami.

The NFL has a security and investigative staff that is second to none, and there is little doubt they have information on the Attelboro, Mass., case and the one that may be brought against Hernandez in Florida. Whatever it is they discovered it didn't sit well with Pats owner Robert Kraft or commissioner Roger Goodell.

As it appears, Hernandez is one of many cases of a young man that didn't realize what he had and might be willing to throw away a life that could afforded him the chance to change his future -- and those of family to follow.

Many people will say this is about only a football player, but it’s also a societal issue. There are people in all walks of life and professions that make poor decisions every day, but when someone is a public figure they will always get more media attention.

Regardless of what happens to Hernandez, hopefully there are young kids watching that will learn from what they see. Nothing is worth throwing your life away.