Marshall: 'I was frustrated'

Marshall: 'I was frustrated'

September 2, 2013, 1:30 pm
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Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was back at practice on Monday after a checkup for his ailing hip and after putting some frustrations from the Oakland Raiders game behind him.

Marshall had a couple drops and caught none of the four passes thrown to him and he was blunt:

“I was a little frustrated, and I’m gonna be frustrated. I think that’s just human nature,” Marshall said. “There’s going to be some ups and downs this season, but we’ve got to stay productive and efficient and effective in the way we act.”

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Marshall had minor surgery done on his right hip in January, the third hip procedure he has had since 2009, and had voiced that frustration in a way that suggested he felt he had been pushed too hard to return by the new coaching staff.

Marshall has missed just four games in the past six seasons and wanted to correct any misinterpretation of his comments as being critical of the organization.

“No, Coach Trestman has been great,” Marshall said. “Phil Emery has been great. We’ve sat down plenty of times talking about what we need to do to get to this week. So they’ve been really helpful.”

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Emery for his part said that Marshall is down to 4-1/2 percent body fat and the expectations are running very, very high.

“He’s going to get mad at me for saying this because I have been telling him this all summer: I see a guy that is better than he was last year,” Emery said. “I see a guy that is more dynamic. I see a guy better in and out of his breaks. I see a stronger player.

“He’s at an elite level for his position in terms of size, dynamic ability, production. I don’t see any back off. Actually, I see a better player. His goal is to be the best wide receiver in the NFL on the best team. I’ve got no problems with those goals. I’ve got not problems talking to him about those goals.”