NFL teams changing the practice pace

NFL teams changing the practice pace
July 4, 2013, 4:15 pm
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The sped-up practice tempo brought in with coach Marc Trestman is not the only tweak of practices being made by new coaches for 2013. And it is far from the most dramatic.

Bruce Arians, the reigning coach of the year for his work filling in for Chuck Pagano in Indianapolis last season, has done away with pre-practice stretching, telling Kent Somers of, “When a guy starts chasing you with a gun, you’re not going to stretch.”

(The fun of Arians’ approach will be seeing how it works as the diametric opposite of Jim Harbaugh’s approach with division-rival San Francisco, which has gone with a stretching program that the organization keeps largely secret.)

Andy Reid didn’t bring gimmicks or radical changes to his methods from his tenure in Philadelphia. For the most part it wasn’t broken and Reid hasn’t wasted effort fixing it from Eagles times.

But Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland, where the Bears play on Dec. 15 of the regular season, and Gus Bradley in Jacksonville set their new teams’ respective offseasons to music. Literally.

Chudzinski added blaring music to warm-ups to get players loose and relaxed. The Bears will get a look at the new and relaxed Browns in game four of preseason on Aug. 29. Bradley has gone for decibels, practicing to music with upbeat tempos that he believes translates into added performance.

Mike McCoy hasn’t been quite as musical in San Diego, just pushing instead for game-tempo practices, in the Trestman mold.

And then there is Chip Kelly in Philadelphia, whose Eagles host the Bears on Dec. 22.

Kelly’s tempo will be in the vein of his well-known hurry up offense at Oregon. But he’s also brought in a few practice gimmicks that should have players smiling as they work into a new system and mindset.

Yahoo's Les Carpenter gets into some of the Kelly “techniques.”