Pompei wins PFWA McCann Award: Couldn’t be a better choice

Pompei wins PFWA McCann Award: Couldn’t be a better choice
June 19, 2013, 11:00 am
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The good news/feel good of the day comes from the Pro Football Writers Association of America, who announced that Dan Pompei has been selected as the winner of the PFWA’s McCann Award winner for 2013.
It’s a Hall of Fame-level honor for writers, and there could not be a more deserving individual than Pompeo.
Danny is one of the 46 voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was the standard for a beat writer when I came on the Bears beat in 1992. I have always said that I learned how to do this job by getting my tail booted day after day by Dan: He did it not only the right way, but with personal integrity and the kind of quiet class that is so rare, not just in the media, but in a far broader circle.
He was the bull of the Bears woods as a writer for the Sun-Times when I met him, went to The Sporting News in 1997 (yes, I was delighted to see him leave town!) and then came back to Chicago with the Tribune in 2007.
It was my great good fortune to work with (we were Tribmates til 2009) and even against Dan, and it’s great to see good things happen for good people.