Trestman knows the little villain that lives in 'the Black Hole'

Trestman knows the little villain that lives in 'the Black Hole'
August 21, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Marc Trestman was a member of the Oakland Raiders’ staff from 2001-2003, with a role in getting them to a Super Bowl by molding veteran quarterback Rich Gannon into a league MVP.

That gave him an up-close sense of the legendary Raiders fans that faithfully infest the Coliseum, aka “the Black Hole.” Looking forward to taking his new team there on Friday night, Trestman took the high road ... sort of.

“They’re a bunch of fans that really love their team and really love football,” Trestman said. “There’s a little bit of villain there, but they really aren’t. They’re good people that have day jobs like the rest of us.”

(So many jokes, so little time)

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Sick bay: Bennett, Melton not givens for opener

Wide receiver Earl Bennett and defensive tackle Henry Melton will miss another game, going through carefully monitored recovery from their concussions. Both have attended practice but neither is participating, and the prognosis remains cloudy.

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Their conditions have not improved to the point where they are being assumed back for the Sept. 8 opener.

“The one thing that is encouraging both from Chris [Hanks] and our medical people is they are both getting better and they are making progress,” was all that coach Marc Trestman would concede. “We’ll see what happens down the road, and we’re going to try and be as upbeat as we can and stay encouraged that they’ll be ready to go.”