Urlacher's loyalty to Bears 'special'

Urlacher's loyalty to Bears 'special'
May 22, 2013, 3:45 pm
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After a 13-year Hall of Fame-worthy career it's not surprising that Brian Urlacher has decided to retire from the game that he gave so much to as one of the NFL's all-time great middle linebackers. His body was starting to fail him over the last few years with injuries piling up; and like all players before him, there comes a time to say goodbye and this was his time to walk away.

What's refreshing about Urlacher's situation is that he leaves the game having played with only one franchise, something that in today's NFL has become increasingly uncommon. He can only be remembered as a Chicago Bears star. Unlike other greats in the game such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Brett Favre and others, Urlacher only wore one uniform for 13 years. The will be no pictures or stories of him ever donning colors representing another franchise. That is special nowadays.

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What can't be overlooked is that the Bears appear to have made the proper decision in letting him go. There have been no substantiated reports that he received a legitimate offer from any other team in the league. That means when other teams looked at tape and asked the scouting department, all felt he was not capable of helping them on the field. If so, there would have been more interest and certainly offers. Regardless of how good he was, teams didn't feel he could offer more than what they already had on their rosters.

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If Brian Urlacher wants to keep his name and face in the public eye he will have plenty of opportunities to do so. He's as marketable as any player out there and he could be one of the few guys that gains popularity and recognition during his post-playing career.