Bears' No. 2 on the competition for the No. 2 job

Bears' No. 2 on the competition for the No. 2 job
August 7, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Jordan Palmer’s always been willing to talk. It doesn’t take long for something interesting to come out.

The quarterback battle to become Jay Cutler’s backup begins in earnest Friday night when Palmer takes over the offense in the preseason opener after Cutler exits following a series or two. Jimmy Clausen will then wait for his turn. The guys in that position room met after Wednesday’s practice in Bourbonnais, pushing their lunch time back until about 1:30 p.m. After he filled his stomach, Palmer helped fill the recorders and notepads.

On finally getting into game action for the first time since last season’s final exhibition:

“I approach every day the same, trying to get the most out of every play, trying to do exactly what the coaches are asking you to do. Then when you convert that into games and actually putting drives together, it’s how you complete the drives, getting the ball out of your hands quickly and continuing to move the chains.”

The advantages of game conditions:

“When you go in practice settings, it’s 'third down' a bunch of times, it’s 'red zone' a bunch of times, it’s situations, which is the way you have to practice. But now getting into games and putting these different scenarios together in one drive, that’s what makes it fun, and where the quarterbacks can show how they handle those situations and move the team.”

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On how he’s grown in the offense and why he feels it fits him:

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned in this system is there’s an answer for everything because everything is so well-thought-out. We’ve got so many receivers, backs, tight ends and linemen who really understand what we’re doing and been coached-up. You have guys in the right places at the right time. As a quarterback in this system, I think I’m pleased with my — and everybody’s — ability to get the ball out our hands and give it to the right guy.”

On how he doesn’t believe he’ll put pressure on himself Friday night:

“I think I had that in the past. This is my eighth training camp, and I’ve definitely been guilty of that before, trying to press do too much. 'I only get a couple of drives ... I've got to make it happen.’ I think I feel really comfortable in what these coaches want. They want to see you execute the offense and get the ball out of your hand. If that means throwing a flat route, the check-down underneath and taking the easy thing over and over again, that’s what they wanna see. I agree that’s the way to play quarterback. I’m excited to do that and not try to do too much on a particular play.”

Sounds good. It’s one of many position battles that’ll make this preseason more interesting to watch. Now it’s just a matter of Palmer going out and doing it.