Cutler: 'If it was just a normal ankle sprain, I wouldn't be in a cast'

Cutler: 'If it was just a normal ankle sprain, I wouldn't be in a cast'
November 18, 2013, 6:45 pm
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CSN Staff

By Charlie Roumeliotis

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted that quarterback Jay Cutler should be ready to go by Dec. 1, when the Bears travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings.

 Cutler was informed of this report during his weekly radio show on Waddle and Silvy Monday and addressed it, saying the report might have "missed the boat."

"I'm not gonna say no I won't be ready, but I'm not gonna say I'll be ready either," said Cutler on ESPN 1000. "We're taking it week by week. I hope I am, I really do. ... There's a couple ligaments that we're a little bit worried about that's different than a normal high ankle sprain."

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Cutler was seen wearing a cast at practice following the game against the Lions to stabilize his high ankle sprain. He says he targeted the first game in December to return, but that looks unlikely as Cutler admits his injury may be more serious than expected.

"If I just had a normal high ankle sprain, I wouldn't be in a cast," he said.

Cutler, who suffered a groin injury against the Washington Redskins earlier in the season, appeared to be laboring a bit in the game vs. Detroit. But the Bears quarterback says he was healthy enough to play. The ankle is the real problem.

"It wasn't that much of a factor at all," he said. "I knew it was going to be a little bit sore just because I hadn't done anything for two weeks. ... It's hard to exactly simulate a game during practice but once the ankle happened, that kind of took over all the pain censors that I couldn't feel my groin at all. ... The ankle's the problem, my groin's gonna be fine."

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Cutler says he injured his ankle towards the early stages of the second quarter when it was trampled on by a Lions player. And Cutler said he knew it wasn't good when it happened.

"Yeah, I knew right away we had a problem," he said. "I went into halftime and moved it, taped it up as best as we could, but I just had to ride it out."

Coach Marc Trestman received criticism by fans on social media for leaving Cutler in too long, but Cutler wasn't surprised Trestman didn't pull him sooner.

"I kept coming over to him saying, 'Hey, I'm making throws, I'm good to go,'" Cutler said. "Then it got to a point in the game where we were gonna have to scramble around a little bit and I didn't feel that comfortable that I would make the plays to help the team."

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Cutler has periodically visited doctors for a check-up, but neither have told him news he's looking for.

The only person he'll find to deliver him that news is ... Dr. Cutler.

"I'm searching for any doctor in the country right now to be like, 'Hey, you can play on this,' but we haven't found that guy yet," Cutler said. "Trainers are sick and tired of me because every day I'm like, 'Let's take the cast off, let's take the cast off.'"