Fantasy Draft: Does Marshall or Forte go first?

Fantasy Draft: Does Marshall or Forte go first?
August 26, 2013, 11:30 am
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CSN Staff

As fantasy football continues to grow at an astronomical rate, it should be noted that the Chicago Bears have rarely been represented at the very top of recent fantasy draft discussions. While the past was bleak for the Bears in fantasy circles, the present is very fruitful with two players who could be deserving of a late first round selection. Both wide receiver Brandon Marshall and running back Matt Forte are ranked high in Evan Silva's Top 150 Fantasy Picks on, setting up one giant question:

Which Bears player would you select first if faced with the dilemma? Does it matter if you're in a PPR league?

Evan Silva's Top 150 at (First 25 picks)

1. Adrian Peterson -- I wouldn't seriously consider anyone else at the No. 1 spot.
2. Jimmy Graham -- The biggest week-to-week difference maker at any position.
3. C.J. Spiller -- Offers fantastic upside in Bills new run-heavy, fast-paced offense.
4. Doug Martin -- Versatile bellcow on run-first team with top-ten run-blocking line.
5. LeSean McCoy -- Playmaker headed for career-most carries under Chip Kelly.
6. Trent Richardson -- Last year's No. 9 overall fantasy back despite playing hurt.
7. Jamaal Charles -- Under pass-obsessed Reid, Charles has more value in PPR.
8. Marshawn Lynch -- Elite tackle breaker benefits from run-dominated offense.
9. Calvin Johnson -- NFL's best receiver plays on league's pass-heaviest team.
10. Ray Rice -- Expect Ravens to emphasize run after losses of Pitta & Boldin.
11. Alfred Morris -- Doesn't catch passes, but high-volume RB in run-friendly O.
12. Arian Foster -- Littered with injury/workload red flags. Let someone else draft.
13. Stevan Ridley -- Likely to top 300 carries as foundation of NE rushing attack.
14. Matt Forte -- PPR green-light special; could catch 80+ balls under Trestman.
15. Brandon Marshall -- Physically dominant WR on increasingly pass-first team.
16. Dez Bryant -- Beast of a player poised for first full season of elite production.
17. A.J. Green -- Only behind Marshall and Bryant due to quarterback limitations.
18. Larry Fitzgerald -- Lock for bounce-back year with Palmer & pass-first Arians.
19. Julio Jones -- S-Jax, Gonzo, Roddy are getting older; Julio is getting better.
20. Demaryius Thomas -- Make no mistake: He is Denver's premier wide receiver.
21. Frank Gore -- Aging but consistent; Benefits from NFL's top run-blocking OL.
22. Steven Jackson -- Carry total may disappoint, but he can pile up touchdowns.
23. Chris Johnson -- OL upgrades help, but still boom-bust RB losing GL carries.
24. David Wilson -- Explosive big-play back will separate from Andre Brown quickly.
25. Eddie Lacy -- Already playing next to Rodgers in the 'gun. Huge year coming.

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