NFL Draft Profile: Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

NFL Draft Profile: Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel
April 29, 2014, 10:00 am
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CSN Staff

Johnny Manziel (QB), Texas A&M

6'1" | 210 lbs.

2013 stats:

300-429 (70%), 4,114 yards, 37 TD, 13 INT; 144 att, 759 rush yds, 9 TD


1st round

What the scouts are saying:

"Overall character, leadership ability and work habits will define his NFL career. Rare competitiveness and third-down efficiency could carry him a long way, yet he could be challenged to avoid a crash-and-burn scenario if he does not settle down and mature. A high-risk, high-reward pick, Manziel stands to benefit from entering the NFL at a time when moving pockets are trending. No other quarterback can change the tempo of a game better if a demanding head coach feels confident he can manage the risk." (Nolan Nawrocki,

"Johnny's got the arm strength. He's got intelligence. He's got the wow factor. Now he's just got to learn to win by making some NFL throws from the pocket. And if you can combine the two of them, I think you have a Pro Bowl, Super Bowl-winning type of quarterback.'" (Mike Mayock, NFL Network)

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"For the NFL, Manziel is a tough player to predict. Both scouts and coaches have told that they think Manziel could have some early success in the NFL. They think he could pull off some whacky plays and help lead his team to some points and wins, but over time they think his effectiveness could wane. Teams will start scheming to take away Manziel's strengths and force him to be a pocket passer. The hits will add up and he could land injuries or lose some ability to perform while playing injured. These sources feel his height and frame could hold him back in the long term." (

"Some NFL franchises will view Manziel as intriguing and appealing, while others will find him sporadic and his skills non-translatable. When his NFL Draft process time does come, he’ll have plenty of questions and concerns to address. He may not be perfect, nor prototypical, nor clean cut. But he has impressed enough on the field, from a scouting perspective, to earn a chance to play quarterback at the NFL level." (Eric Galko, Sporting News)

Fit for the Bears:

Well, Josh McCown did work well as a back-up quarterback...OK, in all seriousness there's zero chance Johnny Football puts on a Chicago Bears hat in a few weeks. But there's another NFC North team that needs a quarterback, and the Vikings could certainly use a game-changer at the helm to go with Adrian Peterson and Cordarrelle Patterson. At No. 8 they'll have their pick of quarterbacks, and while Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater are also options, Manziel is the type of player who could change a franchise. He's certainly worth the risk and, at the very least, would put seats in the new stadium the Vikings are set to open this year.

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