Quarterbacks take center stage at Bears OTA’s

Quarterbacks take center stage at Bears OTA’s
June 11, 2014, 4:00 pm
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As if there weren’t already enough quarterbacks flying around Bears OTA sessions…

The Bears have five quarterbacks in uniform, with the addition of Jimmy Clausen this week. Their coaching staff includes former quarterbacks Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh. On Wednesday, it was former Cleveland Brown Bernie Kosar in for a visit and chat time with Trestman, who was Kosar’s position coach with the Cleveland Browns in 1988-89 and at the University of Miami in 1982-84. Earlier this offseason, it was Mike Tomczak and Steve Walsh dropping by.

But the real focus remained on the QB’s in uniform, which included Clausen for the second time this week, and Jordan Palmer, who is being held out of work with a pectoral strain, but is due back for next week’s minicamp.

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“They’re holding me out for last week and this week,” Palmer said. “I’ll be ready to go for the mini-camp. Just letting it breathe. It’s frustrating because it’s not anything [like a] serious injury. Just pulling me out and letting it get a little bit of rest.”

Palmer has been the presumptive No. 2 behind Jay Cutler but the Bears have stated that they want competition for that spot. Enter Clausen, a former No. 2 pick of the Carolina Panthers and whose career foundered after being in the starting job for 10 games as a rookie in 2010.

Clausen, who underwent surgery on a torn right labrum last September, and Kosar were scheduled to have dinner on Wednesday night. Clausen is in the market for information, first of all.

“I think the biggest thing is knowledge,” Clausen said. “Obviously I had a rough rookie year. But just coming back from my second, third year, just to learn and watch the game from the sidelines. I did that at Notre Dame as well and it helped me grow and learn different things.

“They helped me out a lot whether it was Cam [Newton] or Derek Anderson or coach [Mike] Shula, there’s a lot of knowledge in that room. Just sitting next to Derek Anderson during the games, it helped me a lot. We would bounce things off each other — ‘What did you see right there? I saw this. I think this is what they’re doing.’ We just went back and forth.”

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There is likely to be a fair amount of back and forth between Clausen and Palmer, in addition to watching the development of sixth-round pick David Fales as well as 2013 practice-squadder Jerrod Johnson. Learning from each other, even as competitors, will be part of the process.

“With anybody coming in, whether it’s David [Fales] or if Bernie Kosar decides to come back in and put a helmet back on, you’re just trying to help guys learn the offense, get up to speed,” said Palmer, who was on the roster but not running the offense over the final nine games last season.

“I haven’t spent a whole lot of time looking at mechanics and all that stuff. It’s none of my business. But I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time. We grew up in the same area. At the same time I’m worried about getting my shoulder back and getting ready to roll here for next week.”