Steve Rannazzisi: Cutler easy to work with on 'The League'

Steve Rannazzisi: Cutler easy to work with on 'The League'
December 5, 2013, 9:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Jay Cutler predicted Alshon Jeffery's spectacular season before it even started.

The Bears quarterback appeared in one episode of FXX’s “The League” this past season and Steve Rannazzisi, who plays Kevin on the show, recalls Cutler offering some insight on who’d be catching his passes this season.

“Jay did say Alshon Jeffery was a receiver to look out for this season," Rannazzisi said. "He said he was going to be really good.”

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After the Bears completed their stunning comeback against the Arizona Cardinals in 2006, a story came out that Matt Leinart and Brain Urlacher exchanged jerseys, and Leinart gave Urlacher's jersey to Ashton Kutcher. Rannazzisi never heard that story before, but offered his thoughts on Kutcher.

“Ashton is a kleptomanic and he steals everything," Rannazzisi said "He probably did steal that jersey.”

Rannazzisi was also asked if it was weird filming the show in Los Angeles, even though it’s actually based in Chicago.

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“Yeah because I feel bad when I’m here, people always want to know where we are filming, but we don’t film [in Chicago]," Rannazzisi said "I went to Gibson’s for lunch earlier and they said people go in there every day looking for us. It is a bit strange that the show takes place here but we haven’t ever shot a frame.

“We did talk about doing an episode this year with really thick Chicago accents, just randomly," Rannazzisi said. "We tried to practice what they would sound like, but they weren’t great. Who knows, maybe there will be an episode when everyone’s trying to do ‘Da Bears’ or something like that.”