Trestman hits Bears rookies hard with NFL standards early

Trestman hits Bears rookies hard with NFL standards early
May 16, 2014, 3:15 pm
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As Dorothy once said, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

As coach Marc Trestman said in so many words to Bears rookies on Friday’s first day of their first minicamp, “You’re definitely not at Kansas anymore, either.”

Trestman wasted no time in establishing not only the tempo of NFL practices, but also the standards expected. Trestman, at different times, ordered an entire offensive unit and an entire defensive unit off the field entirely when effort and execution were lacking.

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“We had a pre-snap penalty and I sent [the offense] out of there,” Trestman said. “I sent a [defensive] group out of there today where everybody didn’t finish. We brought them together, I told them why. If eight guys are running their tails off to the ball and three aren’t, we have a chance to fail on that play. That’s not the whole group doing it and I want them to feel the ramification of not everybody doing their job.”

Bothersome for Trestman as well was that, in the Bears’ system of practice, reps are not done over if there is a pre-snap penalty. Coaches treat it as a blown play, as it would be in game situations.

That meant that one player’s misstep in minicamp took away a snap from 10 others, all of whom are in the process of trying to make their first NFL team.

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“When you jump offsides, that affects everybody,” Trestman said. ‘We had guys who missed a rep today and an opportunity to make this football team because somebody jumped offsides. And it didn’t matter who.

“But it was an example of an opportunity of making sure you’re accountable. You’ve got to be focused. You’ve got to do the right things. And when they go home at night and they study, they can execute their position and do it properly and it allows the 10 other guys on that play.”