Urlacher: Lance Briggs' day off is overblown

Urlacher: Lance Briggs' day off is overblown
September 3, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Tony Andracki

Lance Briggs missed practice Monday - six days before the Bears' first game - to attend his restaurant opening in California and has received some public backlash since.

Should a player be allowed to miss such an important practice for something that isn't life-threatening or an emergency?

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Brian Urlacher, Briggs' teammate for a decade in Chicago, thinks the whole hubbub is dumb.

"The only drama it created was in the media and maybe the fans," Urlacher said on the "Kap and Haugh Show" Wednesday. "The players on that team could give a crap about where Lance Briggs was on Monday - Labor Day - before the season starts. You look at his resume, what the guy's done in the NFL, do what you want.

"It sounds like Coach [Marc] Trestman trusts Lance. He should. You know what he's going to do on Sundays. Not an issue, in my opnion. ... It's gotten overblown. Guys have court dates they have to make during the season, they have personal things they have to attend to. It just happens. It's like a normal job. You take a day off."

Urlacher admitted that, as professional athletes, a guy like Briggs taking a day off is a much bigger deal than it would be for a typical 9-5 employee.

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But the future Hall of Famer also said Briggs has proven himself during his 12 years in the NFL and deserved to go.

Catch more of Urlacher's comments in the video above.