Week 14 Bears Grades: Linebackers

Week 14 Bears Grades: Linebackers
December 10, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Week 14 Bears Grades

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James Anderson picked up his third sack to his season to end a second-quarter Dallas possession and added a tackle for loss and quarterback hit to go with five solo tackles.

But the overall was less than what the Bears need for a hoped-for run to the playoffs, especially with the likes of rushing leader LeSean McCoy looming in Philadelphia less than two weeks from now.

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“To win feels great but they were able to get some plays on that first drive,” said Khaseem Greene. “We were able to catch our breath and regain ourselves…I take it personally because we want to stop the run. We don’t want to be known as a team that can’t stop the run.”

Greene and Jon Bostic put themselves in poor fits vs. Murray runs on Dallas’ first possession and improved as the game went along but still left too many gaps for Murray, who finished with 146 yards and an average of 8.1 yards per carry. The Cowboys had six runs of 12 yards or longer.

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“It’s really about playing consistent,” Bostic said. “We’ll play great for a couple plays, then give up a big play. It may be a minor thing but those minor things add up. Somebody doesn’t get off a block, somebody isn’t in the right gap, it adds up.

“No excuses. We’ve got to be real critical of ourselves.”

Moon's Grade: C-