Wolverines' Nik Stauskas loved ticking off Illini fans

Wolverines' Nik Stauskas loved ticking off Illini fans
June 17, 2014, 9:45 am
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Vinnie Duber

At which Big Ten arena did former Michigan sharpshooter Nik Stauskas like ticking off fans the most?

He's a Wolverine, so you'd think it'd be Ohio State fans in Columbus. Or maybe Michigan State fans at the Breslin Center. But if you think that, you'd be wrong.

“Breslin Center was always good, but for some reason I always had a thing with the Orange Krush at Illinois," Stauskas told CSN's David Kaplan on Monday. "That was the place I always liked talking to the fans. They liked talking to me, and I’ve had some of my best games there.”

When asked what he was saying to the orange-and-blue-clad fans in Champaign, Stauskas revealed some playful boasting.

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“It’s more like ‘you can’t stop me tonight,’" he said. "It really just depends on the kind of night that I’m having. Like when I played Illinois this year, I was 7-for-7 from 3, and it was like one of those nights where I couldn’t miss. So I just let them know about it.”

There was reason for Stauskas, the reigning Big Ten Player of the Year, to get a little cocky in that last meeting. As he alluded to, he went off, exploding for 24 points and finishing 7-for-9 from beyond the arc. There were only four nights last season when Stasukas dropped more points than he did that night in Champaign.

He scored 14 points on the road against the Illini as a freshman the year before.

“If you’re having a great game on the road," he said, "it’s one of the best feelings.”

Check out the video above for more of Kaplan's conversation with Stauskas.