Behind the numbers of the Stanley Cup Final

Behind the numbers of the Stanley Cup Final
June 17, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Chris Kamka

Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Blackhawks and Bruins have already included over 65 minutes of overtime play. Both teams are heading into Game 3 with one win under their belt, and all signs show we may have quite the lengthy series ahead of us. Now we look at the series and how it compares to previous years.

But first, note the Stanley Cup Final went to a 7-game format in 1939. This is the 74th 7-game Stanley Cup Final.

Breaking down the previous 73:

Length of series (1939-current):

4 game sweeps: 20
5-game series: 17
6-game series: 20
7-game series: 16

Most games in a series to have gone to Overtime (1927-current):

1951: 5 games (all 5 games of series; all single OT - total of 21:41 OT played)
1993: 3 games (all single OT)
1950: 3 games (two OT, one 2OT)
1946: 3 games (all single OT)
1940: 3 games (two OT, one 2OT)

Most cumulative OT time played in a series (1927-current)

1931: 78:40
2000: 74:41
1999: 70:21
2013: 65:56 (through 2 games)
2002: 55:45
1990: 55:13

If the Blackhawks and Bruins play just another 12:44 of overtime play this postseason, they'll break the record for most cumulative OT minutes played in a series. And from the looks of things, we may very well be headed down that road.