Blackhawks explain Bieber's Blunder

Blackhawks explain Bieber's Blunder
July 9, 2013, 10:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Update (June 11): Blackhawks senior director for communications and community relations Brandon Faber issued a statement regarding Bieber stepping on the Blackhawks logo:

"Bieber was very excited to see the Stanley Cup when he entered our locker room last night. As frequently happens with guests into our room, Justin inadvertently stepped on the team logo on the floor but moved off quickly once immediately reminded. He was apologetic and understanding of the tradition but continued to take photos with the Cup and some young fans. He was extremely genuine and kind with his time. We appreciate his enthusiasm towards hockey and wish him well with the remainder of his tour."

Original: If the Backstreet Boys hoisting the Stanley Cup made you cringe, then you won't be too happy about the celebrity who snapped a photo with the Cup inside the Blackhawks locker room Tuesday night.

Teen heartthrob -- for another 235 days -- Justin Bieber was seen posing with the holy grail flashing the No. 1 sign. 

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The United Center was Bieber's latest stop on his Believe Tour. 

Senior Director of Market Development and Community Affairs for the Chicago Blackhawks Peter Hassen tweeted out this photo

If you look in the background, "The Biebs" was even given a No. 6 Blackhawks sweater. No word on how Jonathan Toews felt about Bieber's new "Baby" sized jersey hanging in his locker.

Just think, one day it's Bieber with the Cup and maybe the next day it will be you. "Never say never."

Not to mention, Bieber broke the "golden rule" while taking a solo picture of the cup: standing on the logo.

                                Photo Cred: Brandon Newberry

Fans are in an uproar over the disrespect The Biebs had for the Indian head. 

It is the cardinal rule in the Hawks locker room, even for the players, to never, EVER step on the logo.

Blackhawks' players, Brandon Bollig and Andrew Shaw took to twitter after he discovered the picture of the teen pop sensation doing the unthinkable.