'Chicago Stronger' T-shirts pulled

'Chicago Stronger' T-shirts pulled
June 14, 2013, 4:30 pm
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"Boston Strong" was the phrase that emerged as the uplifting motto to describe the city following the Boston Marathon bombings in April.

The motto doesn't represent the tenacity of Boston sports teams but the sheer strength and unity mustered by the Boston community to overcome tragedy.

In the weeks following the coining of "Boston Strong" to define the courageous city in the wake of a violent nightmare, various plays on the motto have appeared across the country.

In the most recent tasteless twist of the phrase that belongs to a city that surmounted devastation, a Chicago T-shirt company manufactured "Chicago Stronger" shirts, which were quickly pulled for obvious reasons. The shirts were created in an attempted dig at Bruins fans during the Stanley Cup Final between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.

The company, Cubby Tees, released a statement on the T-shirts lamenting having to pull the shirts from manufacture. In 15 paragraphs laden with outrage and all-caps arguments in defense of the "Chicago Stronger" T-shirts, Cubby Tees asserts that the design was not meant to make fun of the tragedy that Boston and the bombing victims experienced, rather as a mockery of the championing of the phrase by some Boston sports fans. There are even links at the top of the statement where people can donate to "The One Fund" in support of Boston Marathon Bombing victims. 

With the backlash against the shirts, the message remains that "Boston Strong" is the resilience of the Boston people in the face of fear. It is not a matchup between two hockey teams.