Kane reflects on six-year career

Kane reflects on six-year career

July 31, 2013, 9:00 am
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It was an innocent enough question, but as Patrick Kane answered it the other day at the Blackhawks Convention, the response brought out a bit of emotion in the happy-go-lucky Conn Smythe winner.

It was a year ago that the Convention began, unfortunately, with a Kane press conference, apologizing for pictures and a story on Deadspin surrounding his infamous Cinco de Mayo weekend two months earlier in Madison, Wisconsin. He had to answer some tough questions that day, just as he did after his arrest for the taxi cab incident in Buffalo, and, to a lesser extent, the photos of him pictured shirtless in a Vancouver taxi, accompanied by two women.

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When I asked him about getting through the time between last May and getting back to work overseas during the lockout, he admitted a lot of people were mad at him, and admits they should have been. He was mad at himself, too. But as he continued speaking, he shared how that disappointment turned into strength and support from the Blackhawks and his family.

Kane's eyes get a little watery as he explains what a great job his parents have done raising his three younger sisters, and how sorry he was for embarrassing them.

He stays a bit emotional when I asked him if there might ever come a day when he feels he's accomplished everything he can with the Blackhawks, and want to move on, especially in free agency - which he's scheduled to reach in two years.