Toronto sends Hawks a thank you after Game 6

Toronto sends Hawks a thank you after Game 6

June 25, 2013, 11:45 am
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After 40 goals were made thru seven games, the Boston Bruins rallied in Game 7 to eliminate the Toronto Maple Leafs in the quarter-finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Patrice Bergeron scored at 6:05 of overtime to get the 5-4 miracle victory, after being down 4 to 1 earlier in Game 7. Boston forced four straight goals to take the series in May, similar to how the Blackhawks reeled two straight goals to win the Cup in Game 6 against the Bruins.

Although it's been almost six weeks since the Maple Leafs fell to the Bruins, Toronto is still salty about it. Just check out the huge thank you they sent to the Blackhawks for defeating the Bruins in Game 6. 

                                           Photo courtesy of The Toronto Sun