WGN's Pat Tomasulo bamboozles Bostonians

WGN's Pat Tomasulo bamboozles Bostonians
June 24, 2013, 12:15 pm
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WGN's Pat Tomasulo played a little trick on the citizens of Boston this morning--the morning of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.

How did Tomasulo and one of the WGN producers bamboozle Bostonians? By carrying a case (that supposedly held the Stanley Cup) around town.

Tomasulo and the producers threw on black suits and white gloves then put some NHL logo stickers on a big, grey case and allowed the people to believe the Cup was within touching distance.

Bostonians were ecstatic when they saw the case being escorted thru town. Some took pictures standing next to the case, some even formed a small group that followed Tomasulo around town.

The excitement was short lived when Tomasulo opened the case showing only a red Hawks jersey instead of the "Holy Grail," as one fan described the Cup in the video. 

Tomasulo suffered only little abuse from the disappointed hockey fans.