Which is better, 'Kaner Shuffle' or 'Tazer Moonwalk'?

Which is better, 'Kaner Shuffle' or 'Tazer Moonwalk'?
July 29, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Forget the Cupid Shuffle, the Cat Daddy or twerking and do the Kaner Shuffle and the Tazer Moonwalk.

We all remember when 'Captain Serious' let loose after he won his second Stanley Cup and did the Moonwalk center ice (Michael who?) and when Kane got on stage at the Jimmy Buffet concert wearing a parrothead and did a shimmy now known as the 'Kaner Shuffle', but the big elephant in the room was who is the better dancer of the two hockey stars?

Y'all can thank the two ladies who addressed the elephant at the Blackhawk Convention and requested to see a dance-off.

Toews, some what reluctantly, was the first to show off his moves when Kane accepted the challenge moonwalking across the stage only to have Kane get a little to close for comfort and answer with his 'Kaner Shuffle.'

Unfortunately, even after he fulfilled her request, the self-proclaimed 'Toews fan' didn't stick up for him when the girl who dubbed herself a 'Kane fan' announced that Kaner was the winner.

Who do you think is the better dancer? Check out the video below.