Did the Blues pass the Blackhawks after the trade deadline?

Did the Blues pass the Blackhawks after the trade deadline?
March 5, 2014, 7:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Many have said that the Blues' NHL trade-deadline acquisition of goaltender Ryan Miller and defenseman Steve Ott have pushed them past the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks as favorites to win in 2014. Though the Blackhawks made a few minor deals, they didn't do anything drastic to change a team that's second in the Western Conference and third in the NHL in points (86).

And as Tracey Myers put it in today's edition of The Rundown, just because a team makes a trade that looks good on paper, doesn't mean it will turn out well when they hit the ice.

"Here's, again, where we have to be careful. Because when you look at things on paper, it's very different to when they come through in fruition," she said. "And I've referred to it a couple times before and I'll do it again, when we look at Pittsburgh, what they did last trade deadline. We thought they had the goaltending in place, and the scorers in place and they go out and get (Jerome) Iginla and (Brendan) Morrow, some really grit, tough guys that they needed. And lo and behold, their goaltending disappeared in the playoffs."

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The top-seeded Penguins were swept in four games by the Boston Bruins. The Blackhawks eventually beat the Bruins in six games to earn their second Stanley Cup in four years.

So what do you think? It looks good on paper, but will the Blues' acquisition of Ryan Miller make them better than the Blackhawks?