Hawks: The newest wrinkle in Crawford's 'equipment-gate'

Hawks: The newest wrinkle in Crawford's 'equipment-gate'
March 3, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Corey Crawford was already stunned that his Stadium Series mask got...um...lost in the mail prior to Saturday night’s game at Soldier Field. On Monday, he broke more equipment news: his leg pads and gloves were taken some time on Saturday night at Soldier Field.

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Crawford wore new black pads at Monday’s practice, two days after the Chicago Blackhawks goaltender’s pads were lifted at the Stadium Series game. Crawford was part bemused, part incredulous at how his goaltending equipment keeps vanishing.

“I still can’t believe it,” Crawford said. “I think they’re joking. I think my pads are in the back and they’re playing a joke on me. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Seriously, I’m stunned by the whole thing.”

It’s been a few days’ worth of equipment-gate for Crawford. On Friday, hours before the Blackhawks practiced at Soldier Field, Crawford tweeted asking the whereabouts of his mask specially designed for the Stadium Series. It still hasn’t turned up anywhere.

“No clue. Reebok doesn’t know, FedEx doesn’t know,” Crawford said Friday evening about the missing mask. “Whatever. I’m over it now. I had all day to stress about it so I’m done with it.”

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Now it’s leg pads and gloves.

“I think the NHL should look at their goalie-pad security. It’s crazy,” Crawford said on Monday. “I’ve never heard of this before. The trainers are stunned. I told some of the guys and they didn’t believe it.”

Coach Joel Quenneville got a laugh when he was asked if he saw a goalie mask and goalie pads en route to the United Center.

“That’s pretty funny,” he said. “No, but that’d be tough to get away with that one.”