Cutler excited for new-look Bears offense

Cutler excited for new-look Bears offense

March 13, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Tony Andracki

"Not a bad day, huh?"

That was Jay Cutler's initial reaction to the Bears' spending spree Tuesday, in which general manager Phil Emery locked up a starting tight end (Martellus Bennett) for four years and a franchise-grade left tackle (Jermon Bushrod) for five years.

The two biggest areas of need on the Bears offense have been filled -- at least in theory -- and free agency is still just a day old.

Cutler joined the Waddle and Silvy show Wednesday morning to discuss the recent offensive upgrades and said he wasn't aware things would shake out like this, especially just a couple of hours after free agency started.

"I don't think anyone was [aware things would happen like this]," Cutler said. "Phil's got a plan. I don't know what his plan is. I think there are very few people that do know. The people who know are obviously important within the organization. He's got a plan and he's finding a way to make it happen."

Bennett was the first domino to fall, instantly providing an upgrade over 2012 starter Kellen Davis, he of the 19 receptions in 15 games.

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Shortly after taking over for Jerry Angelo last spring, Emery dealt two third-round picks for Brandon Marshall, addressing the team's biggest offensive need immediately. Bennett, who is friends with Marshall off the field, fills a similar void.

"[Bennett's] an extremely athletic guy," Cutler said. "He played a lot of basketball growing up, so he's got that basketball/tight end pedigree that people want. He's really good friends with B-Marsh and B couldn't be more excited to add him to the team."

Marshall is quite the character both on and off the field, displaying an edge and sense of humor in press conferences and interviews that hasn't been something of a rarity since the Mike Ditka tenure.

But Bennett can hold his own, too.

The newest Bear is a big Cap'n Crunch fan and goes by the alias of the "Black Unicorn", a nickname Cutler calls "Top 5 in the league." When asked if he would refer to his new tight end by his self-pronounced nickname, Cutler said he refuses to call him "anything BUT the Black Unicorn."

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"[Marshall and Bennett] obviously can't sit together," Cutler deadpanned. "Hopefully their lockers are on opposite sides of the room. I think [Bennett] is going to bring a looseness to the locker room.

"You've gotta have guys like that that enjoy the game. It can get a little monotonous going through the year. Bringing a guy in like that with athletic ability on the field and a character off the field is great."

While Bennett's charisma may have stolen a lot of the attention after the signing, Bushrod may well be the most important signing of Emery's tenure so far. The Bears' offensive line has been suspect, at best, over the last few years, and tackle play has been anything but consistent.

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"It makes life easier, that's for sure," Cutler said of the Bushrod deal. "Not only for me, but for game-planning. You got a guy you can just stick over there and say 'hey, you got that guy.' You don't have to worry about him and the rest of the line can turn the other way. It's a similar situation of when I was in Denver and we had Ryan Clady there as a rookie. He made game-planning easy for us.

"I think any QB is happy whenever they're going after offensive guys. At the end of the day, it's a team game and I've learned that more than anything. We've got some needs on defense and I'm sure there are some needs on special teams, too.

"We have to make sure to spread the wealth and get everybody involved and fill the need-based holes."

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