QB’s worth keeping an eye on, beyond just “Underwear Olympics”

QB’s worth keeping an eye on, beyond just “Underwear Olympics”
February 13, 2013, 12:45 pm
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The results of the annual NFL Scouting Combine – aka “The Underwear Olympics” because of the “uniform” of the event -- always offer some surprises, disappointments and other possibilities. This year’s may be among the better in that regard.
ProFootballTalk.com godfather Mike Florio dropped by “The McNeil & Spiegel Show” for his weekly 10 a.m. visit with Danny Mac and Ben Finfer sitting in for Spiegs. Mike’s take is that this will not be a year like 2012 where the top picks were foreordained and the only question was whether Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III would go No. 1.
The three top quarterbacks – USC’s Matt Barkley, Geno Smith from West Virginia, Ryan Nassib from Syracuse – will work out because, as Mike says, none of them are the deadbolt top picks of the draft. For example, NFLScout.com has Smith going 15, Barkley 18th. When you’re in that range, you’re hoping for a Combine showing that vaults you into or closer to the Top 10.
Nassib is projected as a second-rounder, which throws out another question. If that’s the case, given the home run the San Francisco 49ers hit with Colin Kaepernick, would a team with a quarterback in a final contract year, say, with a team whose city begins with “C” and ends with “o” gamble on a Nassib, particularly if he is a far-and-away best player available when that certain Midwest team’s turn on the clock comes?
(But that’s a topic for another time.)
But other quarterbacks currently on the Bears’ 2013 schedule have interesting issues around them as well. Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles under new coach Chip Kelly got a deal in place, for a couple of pretty good reasons.
“Mike Vick allows Chip Kelly to run his offense,” Mike said. And the situation is set up as an open competition with Nick Foles, Kelly said, so it’s a win-win for the Eagles. Besides, “that was the best deal Mike Vick was going to get from anybody,” Mike Florio said.
The QB situations in Baltimore and Dallas are relevant to the 2013 Bears as well.
The Cowboys are seeking to extend Tony Romo primarily because of his whopping existing cap number. Romo, however, like Joe Flacco did successfully this season, is believed to be willing to gamble on himself having a great season and setting himself up for an ultimate payday.
“I think where the game of chicken is going to materialize is the Ravens thinking that Flacco doesn’t want to leave,” Mike said. If the Ravens call Flacco’s bluff and he’s still available for a couple of No. 1 picks as competition, “this could get very interesting,” Mike summarized.
Mike has voiced some questions about the Marc Trestman hire by the Bears. But Mac wondered which team with a new coach will oversee a disaster in 2013, noting that Buffalo Bills are always a good “disaster” pick, with Ben suggesting Cleveland and Rob Chudzinski. Mike did not go with either of those, or the Bears.
Instead, Mike predicted that the New York Jets and new GM John Idzik are the team with the top chance “for a complete freefall and housecleaning when it’s all over."