Trestman minuses may have been plusses in hiring

Trestman minuses may have been plusses in hiring
January 29, 2013, 11:15 pm
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A few of the questions raised about Marc Trestman’s suitability to become Bears head coach appear to have been among the reasons why he actually was the choice of GM Phil Emery.

Trestman has been out of the NFL since 2004. And whereas this current offseason saw NFL teams scramble for “hot” offensive minds, Trestman was once one of the those, so why wasn’t he the Mike McCoy or Bruce Arians of a decade ago?

“The questions I would have are pretty simple,” said’s Mike Florio on Tuesday’s “Chicago Tribune Live.” "I would want to know why he was out of the NFL for eight years.

“And I would want to know why he never became a head coach during that period when he was regarded as kind of a hot coordinator. Because it never happened for him then. Why is it happening now? Because if I’m Phil Emery – and I’m assuming Phil Emery has gotten to the bottom of this – that’s the donut hole in all of this. It just seems odd that a guy who hasn’t been coaching in the NFL since 2004 all of a sudden returns as a head coach.”

Emery clearly was satisfied with the why’s behind Trestman’s odyssey. And ironically, indications are that the fact that Trestman did go to the Canadian Football League and has with multiple NFL teams worked in his favor, not against him.

“He's been in a number of NFL cities, and he's gone up to Canada, and he's always demonstrated excellence,” Emery said in explaining the hiring.

“The perseverance of character; Marc has grown, like we do, in his life. He's had personal ups and downs, but at the end, where is he. He's a champion, and now he's the head football coach of the Chicago Bears.”