Urlacher, Roach still up for discussion

Urlacher, Roach still up for discussion
February 12, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Two of the Bears three Linebackers are unrestricted free agents. The futures of Brian Urlacher and Nick Roach are currently up in the air. The captain missed the last 4 games with injury, but still finished fourth on the team with 88  total tackles. Roach was sixth with 4 less, 84 tackles.

Urlacher has said he's willing to take a pay cut, but under the new system, the coaching staff will have to determine whether or not he's not just worth whatever price they have to pay, but will he fit in their scheme.

In the Lovie Smith system, Urlacher was used in the passing game, playing 20 yards almost as an extra safety. The new system most likely will require him to play a more conventional middle linebacker role, playing in the box and being a stout run defender. The new staff will have to decide if Urlacher can excel in what they want from the position.

Roach is unheralded when it comes to his effectiveness, but he's been durable, reliable and consistent during his time with the Bears. Roach has also been the most versatile with the ability to play both in the middle and outside. However, Roach has never received a big money deal so he's likely to test the free agent market and see what his value is before making any deal to return to the Bears.

The NFL free agency negotiation period March 9th which means the Bears will have a little more than a month to talk contracts with Urlacher and Roach before the draft.

That being said there is little doubt the Bears brass will be scouring the college pool of talent to potentially fill the possible holes at linebacker, if not for this season then for the near future.