What if Bears had fired Tice in early December?

What if Bears had fired Tice in early December?
February 5, 2013, 12:15 pm
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Amid the aftershocks of the Super Bowl…
It doesn’t matter now and might not at the time, but what if the Bears had gone the route of the Baltimore Ravens and fired offensive coordinator Mike Tice on or about Dec. 10 and gone to, say, Jeremy Bates?
The Ravens fired OC Cam Cameron on that date and replaced him with Jim Caldwell, who had never called plays before and never been an offensive coordinator before. The Ravens were 9-4 at the time of the Cameron firing, Joe Flacco was OK but not great, and Baltimore went on to average more than 30 points per playoff game behind a very, very good Flacco.
The Bears had failed to score more than 17 points in four of the five games as of Dec. 10 and stayed that woeful course the following week with 13 against the Packers in Soldier Field, dropping them to 8-6.
Bates may have changed exactly nothing. He’d had exactly one year – unsuccessful, at Seattle – as an offensive coordinator. And the offense went from scoring one TD vs. the Packers to two at Arizona and at Detroit.
But it was evident that something radical was needed with the offense. The Ravens made the NFL’s boldest personnel move of 2012 with the Cameron-Caldwell switch and it may be interesting to see if the NFL, which is nothing if not inclined toward copying success in its midst, sees more of such unlikely moves in the future.
The Bears have a new coach (Marc Trestman) and O-coordinator (Aaron Kromer). It will be left to idle speculation whether Lovie Smith might still be the head coach if he had made one more staff change…