Blackhawks hike up ticket prices

Blackhawks hike up ticket prices
May 2, 2013, 4:45 pm
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The Chicago Blackhawks will be raising ticket prices 16 percent across the board, and invoices to season-ticket holders went out this week.

Each ticket will go up at least a few dollars. The lowest ticket prices, some in the 300 level, will rise from $28 to $36. Glass seats will increase from $335 to $380. Blackhawks’ ticket prices rank 11th in the league.

“One of the challenges with our prices, as recently as 2007 ours were the second lowest in the league,” said Chris Werner, vice president of ticket operations and customer relations. “Ownership and management have put resources in to the team and we’ve had to make adjustments to the ticket prices as well. So many great things have been updated, and this is one of the things that needed to be updated.”

The lockout didn’t hurt many teams’ ticket sales, especially those who were already in established hockey markets. The same is true for the Blackhawks, and demand for tickets continues.

“We have great fans. The renewal rate on season tickets has been 99 percent over the last several seasons and we anticipate that happening again,” Werner said. “We realize we’re lucky. That’s why we want to be sensitive to pricing. We also offer 21- and 9-game packages -- we try to give fans different methods to get in -- and group and single-game tickets. We want to have something for everybody, so there’s a price option that fits with what they can spend.”

The 2013-14 season ticket packages will not include the Blackhawks’ Stadium Series game vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins, which is March 1, 2014, at Soldier Field. But season ticket holders will get priority in purchasing tickets to that game. Werner said ticket prices are not available for that game yet, but as soon as the Blackhawks get that information they will let fans know.

Here are the 2012-13 ticket prices, and what the new prices will be in 2013-14:


Seating Area 2012-2013 2013-2014
300 Level $28 $36
300 Level $48 $56
300 Level $64 $74
Lexus Club $82 $98
Lexus Club $95 $115
100 Level $110 $127
100 Level $147 $169
Glass Seats $335 $380